Key Services

    Business Support Services
    Experienced, client-focused, cost effective business support services.

    We specialize in the following areas:       
  • E-Discovery & Document Management - We assist companies and law firms in e-discovery and document review and management projects in both the context of litigation and internal programs.   
  • M&A - Advisory Services - Appropriate forethought and strong players can be the difference between a successful or failed M&A initiative. We provide a variety of strategic and transaction planning and management services such as assessing the strategic fit of a business and analyzing all aspects of the transaction, assessing the projected synergies,assisting in negotiations, financial modeling and assisting in assessing transactional implications to your business.   
  • Valuation - We provide valuation services for both tangible and intangible assets. Our previous assignments have ranged from traditional asset-based sales of small companies to complex mixed asset valuations for sales, licenses, transfer pricing and purchase price allocation.   
  • Asset Management - We provide both strategic and execution services to help manage your business assets. We can assist with the sale or purchase of assets, divestiture of a business unit or product line, and have knowledgable intellectual asset management professionals for in-licensing and out-licensing needs.
    Business Support Services Representative Engagements

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  • Business Advisory   
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