Key Services

    Experienced, client-focused, cost effective corporate and litigation oriented investigational services.

    We specialize in the following areas:       
  • Accounting Investigations - We have experience in a wide variety of accounting investigations to identify problems, recommend corrective actions, and determine the losses or damages occurring from unexpected results, misstatements, accounting errors or the like.   
  • Forensic Accounting Analysis - We provide specialized forensic analysis to assist in interacting with regulators, prosecutors, or other inquisitive bodies. We provide top-notch expert reports to substantiate our findings and carefully document the methodology and procedures employed to ensure integrity throughout the process.   
  • Fraudulent Activity Analysis - Fraud is a common impetus for investigations, and we work with our clients to isolate, identify, and quantify the key issues and facts at hand. We then document and interpret the underlying complex financial transactions for clients, boards, courts, regulatory agencies, and juries.   
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Analysis - We've assisted both fiduciaries and beneficiaries navigate the applicable standard of care from an accounting and finance perspective, and can assist with devising a strategy for correctly dealing with issues of conflict, confidences, and other related issues.