Key Services

    Litigation Consulting
    Experienced, client-focused, cost effective litigation consulting.

    We specialize in the following areas:       
  • Expert Witness Testimony - Extensive testifying experience in both federal and state courts. Includes deposition planning and strategy, discovery and document requests and other related litigation support activities.   
  • Financial & Economic Analysis - Our previous experience in complex litigation allows us to competently address key financial and economic issues, and quickly perform high-quality and multifaceted analysis in both the liability and damages phases of litigation.   
  • Discovery Assistance - From document review and management to the more complex issues encountered in production and discovery, we provide a wide-range of independent and professional services to assist in understanding the real issues and to help you effectively address the strengths and weaknesses in the case.   
  • Mediation & Arbitration - With the increasing popularity of ADR services in today's business climate, we've had ample opportunity to serve as both ADR party-experts as well as arbitrators and mediators. We provide customizable services including arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation, and conciliation.
    Experienced, client-focused, cost effective corporate and litigation oriented investigational services.

    We specialize in the following areas:       
  • Accounting Investigations - We have experience in a wide variety of accounting investigations to identify problems, recommend corrective actions, and determine the losses or damages occurring from unexpected results, misstatements, accounting errors or the like.   
  • Forensic Accounting Analysis - We provide specialized forensic analysis to assist in interacting with regulators, prosecutors, or other inquisitive bodies. We provide top-notch expert reports to substantiate our findings and carefully document the methodology and procedures employed to ensure integrity throughout the process.   
  • Fraudulent Activity Analysis - Fraud is a common impetus for investigations, and we work with our clients to isolate, identify, and quantify the key issues and facts at hand. We then document and interpret the underlying complex financial transactions for clients, boards, courts, regulatory agencies, and juries.   
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Analysis - We've assisted both fiduciaries and beneficiaries navigate the applicable standard of care from an accounting and finance perspective, and can assist with devising a strategy for correctly dealing with issues of conflict, confidences, and other related issues.
    Financial Recovery Services
    Experienced, client-focused, cost effective financial recovery services.

    We specialize in the following areas:       
  • Bankruptcy Advisory - We assist debtors, creditors, committees, corporations and law firms by providing a unique range of bankruptcy and insolvency advisory services, which are often utilized along with our litigation consulting and investigations practices as a comprehensive solution for business restructuring and bankruptcy.   
  • Interim & Crisis Management - We provide interim management and crisis management services to assist underperforming organizations through transitional periods addressing and developing resolutions to business and financial challenges.   
  • Fraudulent Transactions Analysis - Fraudulent transactions are a common focus in bankruptcy-related investigations and litigation, and we work with our clients to isolate, identify, and quantify the key issues and facts at hand. We then document and interpret the underlying complex financial transactions for clients, boards, courts and officers, regulatory agencies, and juries.   
  • Operational Consulting - We've assisted many of our clients in operational assessments and staff augmentation roles ranging from suuport to senior leadership, all with a focus on improving business processes and accurately modeling those processes.
    Business Support Services
    Experienced, client-focused, cost effective business support services.

    We specialize in the following areas:       
  • E-Discovery & Document Management - We assist companies and law firms in e-discovery and document review and management projects in both the context of litigation and internal programs.   
  • M&A - Advisory Services - Appropriate forethought and strong players can be the difference between a successful or failed M&A initiative. We provide a variety of strategic and transaction planning and management services such as assessing the strategic fit of a business and analyzing all aspects of the transaction, assessing the projected synergies,assisting in negotiations, financial modeling and assisting in assessing transactional implications to your business.   
  • Valuation - We provide valuation services for both tangible and intangible assets. Our previous assignments have ranged from traditional asset-based sales of small companies to complex mixed asset valuations for sales, licenses, transfer pricing and purchase price allocation.   
  • Asset Management - We provide both strategic and execution services to help manage your business assets. We can assist with the sale or purchase of assets, divestiture of a business unit or product line, and have knowledgable intellectual asset management professionals for in-licensing and out-licensing needs.