Key Services

    Litigation Consulting
    Experienced, client-focused, cost effective litigation consulting.

    We specialize in the following areas:       
  • Expert Witness Testimony - Extensive testifying experience in both federal and state courts. Includes deposition planning and strategy, discovery and document requests and other related litigation support activities.   
  • Financial & Economic Analysis - Our previous experience in complex litigation allows us to competently address key financial and economic issues, and quickly perform high-quality and multifaceted analysis in both the liability and damages phases of litigation.   
  • Discovery Assistance - From document review and management to the more complex issues encountered in production and discovery, we provide a wide-range of independent and professional services to assist in understanding the real issues and to help you effectively address the strengths and weaknesses in the case.   
  • Mediation & Arbitration - With the increasing popularity of ADR services in today's business climate, we've had ample opportunity to serve as both ADR party-experts as well as arbitrators and mediators. We provide customizable services including arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation, and conciliation.
    Litigation Consulting Representative Engagements

    Click on the type of case below for a detailed list of representative litigation consulting engagements:
  • Intellectual Property Disputes - We've worked on high profile intellectual property matters such as ANDA litigation, medical device, biotech, electronics, telecommunications, automotive, and other IP litigation assignments from our established relationships with top-tier law firms and clients accross the country.   
  • Construction & Real Estate Disputes - We've worked on a significant number of construction and real estate cases, with issues ranging from general claim analysis, defects analysis, delay and schedule analysis, productivity analysis, environmental remediation, and risk and investment evaluation.   
  • Business Interruption & Insurance Disputes - We provided services to assist organizations through business interruptions and insurance disputes, addressing and analyzing issues ranging from lost sales and customers, income loss and physical damages, budget review and forecasting, expense and indemnity assessments, replacement and/or actual cash value reports, and documenting our findings for claim support and appeal procedures.