Advisory Services
      FAB Group, Inc. provides assistance to companies faced with opportunities for merger or
      acquisition, or critical challenges such as fraud, litigation or reorganization. We routinely work
      on corporate financial advisory, valuation, capital projects consulting, fraud and regulatory
      investigations, document management and review, and management consulting engagements.

      We have wide-ranging industry experience including automotive, banking and securities, consumer
      products, electronics, government, health care, hospitality, industrial products and
      manufacturing, insurance, life science and biotechnology, oil and utilities, private equity, real
      estate, retail, software, and telecommunications. Our extensive business knowledge and multi-
      disciplinary professionals stand ready to serve your financial advisory services needs.
    Representative Advisory Services Engagements
  • The Elevation Group, Inc. v. BJL Partners, LLC (M&A Dispute)   
  • Tendon Technology (M&A Valuation)   
  • Inductametals v. Arent Fox (Legal Malpractice)   
  • Covance v. Akzo Nobel (Arbitrator - M&A Dispute)   
  • Access v. Pomeroy (Arbitrator - M&A Dispute)   
  • Ward Engineering (M&A Valuation)   
  • Valley Drug v. Ralph Blundo & Ronald Patrick (M&A Dispute)   
  • Alla Investors v. NCI (M&A Dispute)   
  • Molecular Technology (Technology Valuation)   
  • Blockbuster Midwest, L.P. v. Mammoth Video, Inc. (M&A Dispute)   
  • Franklin Ophthalmic Instruments, Inc. v. Marinelli & Scott (Accounting Malpractice)   
  • Apex Automotive Warehouse v. WSR, Inc. (M&A Dispute)   
  • G&K Services v. Uniform Partners Corporation (M&A Dispute)   
  • UGA Research Foundation v. Kilpatrick & Cody (Legal Malpractice)   
  • Christian Brothers Chicago Province (Financial Planning)   
  • Christian Brothers of Illinois (Environmental Damages)   
  • Nursing Homes v. Indiana and Minnesota Medicaid Authority (Nursing Home Reimbursement)   
  • Christian Brothers Chicago Province (Environmental Damages)   
  • Morton International (Superfund Site)   
  • Lyon Food Companies v. Iroquois Brands, Ltd. (M&A Dispute)   
  • Farrall Instruments v. Ward, Lalos, Leeds, Keegan & Lett (Legal Malpractice)   
  • Joanna Western Mills v. Kenner Group (M&A Dispute)   
  • TRW v. Interstate United Corporation (M&A Dispute)   
  • Continental Illinois Bank of Deerfield v. Gersin Lewis (Fraud)   
  • U.S. Industries v. F. Browne Gregg (M&A Dispute)   
  • Various Airline Unions v. Texas Air Corporation (Merger Analysis)

Advisory Services: Featured Cases

    Access v. Pomeroy (Arbitrator - M&A Dispute)
    ...Served as abritrator in a binding abritration between two technology companies in a purchase price dispute.
    Result: Issued a binding opinion

    Alla Investors v. NCI (M&A Dispute)
    ...Provided financial analysis on behalf of minority shareholders in an M&A dispute.
    Result: Favorable trial outcome

    Molecular Technology (Technology Valuation)
    ...Provided valuation of molecular technology in preparation for sale.
    Result: Validated substantial IP value

    Franklin Ophthalmic Instruments, Inc. v. Marinelli & Scott (Accounting Malpractice)
    ...Provided expert opinion on accounting issues in malpractice case.
    Result: Favorable settlement